Temple of The Four Winds

Temple of the Four Winds

Month: April 2022

Medical Guidelines

Please review precautions below- Consulting ceremony personnel and/or your doctor is advised if you are taking certain medications and/or drugs. Failure to comply may result in serious injury, death and/or other complications. Important Info –Every participant is fully responsible for informing our organizers about their physical and psychological medical history and past/current drug use.  –You …

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What is rapé?

Rapé, or sometimes called Hapé, is a traditional and powerful cleansing medicine that is used by shamans in indigenous tribes throughout Brazil and Peru. This sacred plant-derived snuff is made from the alkaline ashes of plants like cinnamon, tonka bean, clover, banana peel, or mint as well as the Amazonian tobacco species, Nicotiana rustica. This …

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