Temple of The Four Winds

Temple of the Four Winds

Month: May 2022

Microdosing and Guidelines

Defining Micro-dose The average recreational dose for psilocybin mushrooms can range from 0.5g-3g. Doses within this range can induce vivid psychological effects that include vibrant colors, synesthesia, visual distortion, auditory and visual hallucinations, physical dissociation (out of body experience), and others depending on several individual factors such as height/weight, physical blockages, overall health/diet and tolerance …

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Approach to Covid-19

Temple of the Four Winds’ Approach to Covid-19 Temple of the Four Winds believes that in order to progress and evolve spiritually, we must rid ourselves of fear-based programming. Temple of the Four Winds WILL NOT REQUIRE its staff members, members or participants to wear masks, gloves, or shields, or take any precautionary measures other …

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Official By Laws

Official Bylaws for Temple of the Four Winds ARTICLE I NAME/LOCATION Section 1. The name of this organization shall be Temple of the Four Winds, hereinafter referred to by the acronym, “TOTFW.” Section 2. TOTFW’s headquarters is located in California. Full address may be disclosed upon request. ARTICLE II PURPOSE Section 1. This corporation is …

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Statement of Beliefs

Temple of the Four Winds’  Statement of Beliefs  TEMPLE OF THE FOUR WINDS INTENDS to provide for the transformation and evolution of human beings seeking enlightenment in communion with the Divine Creator through the ceremonial and sacred use of natural entheogens.  OUR PURPOSE is to promote the transformation and evolution of beings who seek enlightenment …

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