Temple of The Four Winds

Temple of the Four Winds

Divine Law of Conduct and Ethical Practice

Divine Law of Conduct and Ethical Practice

of Temple of the Four Winds

  1. All Staff, Officers, Members, and Participants associated with Temple of the Four Winds are to practice and serve in such a way that cultivates both self and collective awareness, to better connect to, love and accept the self, and others equally. Temple of the Four winds and its associated parties will hold dear these core values to better serve:
  • Respect ● Honesty ● Trust ● Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation ● Generosity
  • Gratitude
  1. Spiritual practices are to be designed and conducted in ways that respect the conscious collective, with due regard for public safety, health, and happiness and prosperity. Because the increased awareness gained from spiritual practices can catalyze desire for personal and social change, Temple of the Four Winds and its associates shall use special care to help direct the energies of those they serve, as well as their own, in responsible ways that reflect a loving regard for all life.
  2. Temple of the Four Winds shall respect and seek to preserve the autonomy and dignity of each person. Participation in any primary spiritual practice must be voluntary and based on prior disclosure and consent given individually by each participant while in an ordinary state of consciousness. Disclosure shall include, at minimum, discussion of any elements of the practice that could reasonably be seen

as presenting physical or psychological risks. In particular, participants must be warned that a primary spiritual experience can be difficult and dramatically transformative.

  1. Temple of the Four Winds shall make reasonable preparations to protect each participant’s health and safety during spiritual practices and in the periods of vulnerability that may follow. Limits on the behaviors of participants and facilitators are to be made clear and agreed upon in advance in any activity. Appropriate customs of confidentiality are to be established and honored.
  2. Temple of the Four Winds shall assist with only those practices for which they are qualified by personal experience, training or education.
  3. Temple of the Four Winds shall strive to be aware of how their own belief systems, values, needs, and limitations affect their work. During primary spiritual practices, participants may be especially open to suggestion, manipulation, and exploitation; therefore, all Medicine Men and Women, Staff, Volunteers, Officers and Members will pledge to protect participants and not to allow anyone to use that vulnerability in ways that harm participants or others, or attempt to use said vulnerability for their own personal gain or agenda.
  4. Spiritual practices are to be conducted in the spirit of service. Temple of the Four Winds shall strive to accommodate participants without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, personal beleifs, religious practices or their ability to pay or make donations.
  5. Temple of the Four Winds shall practice openness and respect towards people whose beliefs are in apparent contradiction to their own.
  6. Each Temple of the four Winds associate shall seek and be open to the counsel of other guides to help ensure the wholesomeness of his or her practices and shall offer counsel where there is need.

I have read and agree to uphold the values and practices stated in The Divine Law of Conduct and Ethical Practices of Temple of the Four Winds.

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