Temple of The Four Winds

Temple of the Four Winds

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Temple of the Four Winds was organized to expand consciousness, love and self awareness to the individual and collective. Our mission is to allow those who seek spiritual, emotional, and expansive growth and understanding to do so through their own consciousness, through the use of entheogenic, complementary and integrative sacraments, practices, and/or ceremonies. 

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What Members Say

Jacob Member

The ceremony was amazing, full of love, with beautiful breakthroughs. Waldo, Liz, Aura, Firehawk, Soundmedic, and Gloria, all played a huge part, and had their own roles in the ceremony that each will hold its own memory individually for me. I will be back again and again until Abuelita Ayahuasca tells myself otherwise, and this is going to be the place that I first try to come to each time unless divine-will makes it not so. Thank you again, with infinite love and gratitude.

Christine Member

I’m so grateful to everyone who attended the beautiful ceremony in Shasta this past weekend. I was allowed to by myself in a safe space and open up to love and support. We so often block love and support out of fear of abandonment, or not feeling “good” enough. This medicine allows your guard to drop, and for the barriers to come tumbling down, as long as you allow it. Thank you so much to all of the facilitators for creating a safe and loving space. I look forward very much to our next journey together.

Jho Member

I've had the honor of sitting down with Iq’ for the first time, and it was the most powerful ceremony I've ever had so far. In the spirit realm time didn’t exist, time stopped. After my ceremony, it put things in perspective for me, there’s really no need for me to wait and just take action and continue to be present. He gave me strength, courage, with his guidance, he helped me awaken the inner warrior in me. He reminded me to trust in the power of the medicine. Iq’ is someone who stands and honors his truth, who follows the true path when it comes to Ayahuasca, he is the type of facilitator I like to work with.

Alyssa Arechiga Member

Wow... From my heart space I want to thank you Ik sooo sooo much for holding a space so sacred for healing. My ceremony was immensely profound and many answers I was searching for became clear for my path thanks to you, the facilitators and of course Madre Ayahuasca herself. My ancestors and guides as well thank you soo much for this healing opportunity. I felt safe, cared for and supported the whole time which allowed many downloads to come through. I feel even more connected to myself, my soul family and the Earth with all their wonders. I will never forget this ceremony and all who were apart of it. My heart is incredibly full of the loving awareness that was shared.

Meredith Member

When you tap into spirit, it answers with a knowing. I knew that choosing Iq’ and his family to help me through my first ayahuasca experience was the perfect fit, for spirit let me know that everything was in divine order. There is an essence of purity and truth that echoes in the space they create that left me feeling like I had inherited new family. I appreciate the spirit of discovery and healing woven into each aspect of the journey. Ceremony with The Temple of the Four Winds was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. They take great consideration in helping guide those through the path. I look forward to future healing with them.

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