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Temple of the Four Winds

Our Team


The Facilitator, Iq’

As a child there was no denying his soul had a deep connection to the Spirit Realm. Growing up however, a shift in direction with a number of challenges, hardships and closed doors that inevitably led to incarceration, pushed him farther from his path. His impetuous awakening took place in 2019, when after a series of universal signs, he experienced his spiritual rebirth during an intense Ayahuasca ceremony. In those moments, came clear realizations of the existence within and around him. He knew then that his purpose in this lifetime was/is to be of service to those in need of their own self-realization. Since then he has guided Ayahuasca ceremonies throughout California, putting every beat of heart and energy into the guidance and protection of those who are called to undergo this Magical Experience.

Elizabeth Nova

Lead Coordinator/Volunteer

As a child, the 3rd born of four, Elizabeth had always felt a certain estranged feeling from family and friends. She had a longing for belonging and a struggle to fill the void. In early adulthood, the void got bigger regardless of her attempts to better herself through work and school. There was still something missing. ‘Madre Ayahuasca was the first time in my life I felt true love. The unconditional kind that is pure and does not judge or lie. She showed me my true self, who I Am, and has since helped me learn to love myself unconditionally. That is something many of us lose connection to, and have to find our way back.’ Elizabeth now devotes much of her time to helping organize ceremonies so that as many people as possible can reconnect to their true selves, and feel the sense of love and appreciation she feels for Plant Medicine.

Kim Hernandez


As a young girl, Kim could feel how different she was from everyone around her. She didn’t quite fit in. She found herself only after she decided to love herself. With the help of plant medicine, Kim was able to heal not only for herself but for those around her as well. ‘Madre Ayahuasca has shown me that magic is all around us. She has shown me I am everything but I am also nothing.’ Today she holds the honor of being the mother to four beautiful children. For over 7 years, Kim had worked as a Medical Administrator, but now feels her job is to be present, lend an ear and open her heart to anyone who would like to know more information about plant medicine and this wonderful journey we call life.

Roman Hernandez

Volunteer/Ceremony Assistant

Roman is a loving father of six; two daughters and four sons. Born and raised in Utah, as a teenager he surrounded himself with gang members. As a young adult he knew this was not the lifestyle he was meant to live. For 18 years, he struggled with addiction and ended up in prison and suffering from PTSD. He made the decision to move to Oregon to start over and give himself and his family the opportunity to start over. In April of 2021 he had my first beautiful awakening with Iq and Temple of Four Winds. After 3 months of putting in the day-to-day work to change his life for the greater good, he was called upon by Madre Ayahuasca to be of service to others.
‘I am here to hold space for brothers and sisters in ceremony.’

Simeon Etoria

Life Coach/Integration Coach/Ceremony Assistant

Simeon is a loving and inspirational guide whose talent is listening and speaking with other like-minded individuals or groups in the field of spirituality. He helps people who feel stuck in their lives continually remember who they truly are through guided practices and techniques. As a life and health coach, Simeon’s goal is to assist people with discovering the greatest version of themselves and to have the courage to choose to be so.


Volunteer/Ceremony Assistant

Jorge ‘Crow’ went from Child to Adult within his first 15 years. Troubled in youth, he was sentenced to an adult prison for his accusations. It was a very harsh punishment but he was able to endure the pain. Those burdens carried and endured shaped Crow’s perception of himself in this world. Things changed when a friend introduced him to his new family at The Temple of the Four Winds. “This brought me to the world of plant medicine and Self Awareness. After a few of my ceremonies I was able to connect to my inner child and heal through the help of many others also there for their own Self. In opening up my heart it allowed for Love to enter and in so little words my life bloomed and now I am freed from my childhood chains. I felt as if I was finally released from a prison of pain. Sitting with San Pedro and Mama Ayahuasca has had so many benefits in my life that I can’t help but share this joy. I am a father now, an artist, a business owner, a friend, a healed man, not perfect but that is great with me because of the realization that I AM LOVE!!”

Mama Gloria

Volunteer/Ceremony Assistant/Feminine Energy Guide

Originally from Cerro de Pasco, Peru, Gloria currently resides in California near her daughter. Connected to her Peruvian roots and ancestry, she led alongside a Medicine Woman for more than ten years before blessing Temple of the Four Winds with her nurturing energy. Her spirit in ceremony is that of the purest, most loving, and maternal spirits; flowing effortlessly in sync with the already nurturing spirit of Ayahuasca.


Volunteer/Ceremony Assistant

“Pialli my name is Maritza, I want to give thanks to abuelita Ayahuasca for all she has done to help me awaken the medicine woman in me. She has been helping me stay strong through my sobriety of seven years and counting. She has shown me how to unconditionally love myself.”

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