Temple of The Four Winds

Temple of the Four Winds

What to Expect

Ceremony Weekend Itinerary

At Temple of the Four Winds, we engage in the use of sacred earth-based sacraments like Rapé, Ayahuasca, and Huachuma. These sacred sacraments have been used by our ancestors to help connect mentally, physically and spiritually to nature and Creator, for generations before us. Our use of these sacraments are solely intended to be practiced ceremoniously. Temple of the Four Winds in no way recognizes or advises the recreational use of any plant sacrament without the presence of an experienced Medicine Man or Woman present. In addition to connecting to the world around us, we are connected to ourselves on the deepest level possible. It is important that we give our sacraments, and ceremony, the respect and gratitude they deserve.

Upon arrival, we set up our camp, or sleeping area, and briefly introduce one another. Once every participant is present and settled in on the night before the ceremony, we will collect all cell phones and return them after the closing ceremony on the day after the ceremony. This is done to ensure that every participant truly gives themselves a chance to disconnect from any stress inducing conversations that our daily lives may present us with. Other reasons for collecting phones are to protect the privacy of all those involved and participating in ceremony; and because cellular phones can also be used as an escape from the very problems we come together to minimize. To ensure physical safety, we collect all participants’ car keys, as well as anything else that may cause physical harm to the self or others. In order to keep a safe environment, we do not allow anyone to attempt to drive after sitting with Ayahuasca until we know for certain the experience has subsided.

Prior, During and After Ceremony

We shall have our first integration circle in the evening that includes introductions, Q & A, cleansing with a variety of herbs around grandfather fire, and sharing our intentions with the group. At that point our medicine man and volunteers will go around the circle administering Rapé to initiate Ceremony. Rapé is administered through each nostril by a V shaped blow pipe called a Tepi. Rapé allows for the clearing of unwanted energy, unblocking and aligning the energy points (chakras), grounding and

synchronizing. Once everyone has been administered Rapé, we will be excused to our sleeping area to be well rested for the morning.

Day two will be spent with the feminine spirit of Ayahuasca. Time spent with this nurturing spirit can vary from three to eight hours. What is experienced will vary from person to person. The reason for this is simple; no person in this world is experiencing the same human experience, culture, programming or coping mechanisms as another. Although having similar experiences, each one will be unique to the person experiencing. During the ceremony, purging (releasing of emotional trauma and/or blockages) may occur. Different forms of purging include: vomiting, bowel movements, yawning, urinating and/or crying. Volunteers as well as the medicine man will be present to assist if and when necessary throughout the spiritual process. Once the ceremony comes to a close there will be a meal waiting for those who would like to eat. The rest of the day will be spent resting, processing and reflecting on the messages gifted to them. The rising after ceremony day, we will gather for a closing circle where we share our experiences and express our gratitude.

*Some ceremonies will offer an additional day and opportunity for self reflection and connection with the guidance of the gentle and Masculine spirit of Huachuma, also known as the San Pedro cactus. Huachuma offers us a complementary counterpart to Madre Ayahuasca. While She shows us what we need to see in that moment for our self growth and development, He elaborates and helps us understand and process those thoughts and emotions.

Schedules, Lodging and Food:

Arrival is preferred between 4pm and 6pm to allow enough time to get settled comfortably before starting our Opening Circle. Depending on the location, retreats can range from 1-5 days. To allow for travel flexibility, ceremonies are planned and scheduled throughout the state of California. Ceremony can take place day or night, but will always be made known well ahead of date. In the warmer months, retreats will be held outdoors in nature and will require camping equipment. During the colder months,

retreats may take place at designated indoor locations. Location and future dates are posted and updated as necessary in the Upcoming Events tab.

What to bring:

Comfortable clothing

Water bottle/gallon

Blanket and pillow

Sleeping bag/sleeping mat

Toiletries and towel

Tent (if camping)

Offerings for the alter (optional)

Extra snacks (optional, following the diet please)

*This itinerary is a general guide for ceremony weekends, however activities or time frames may change from time to time to suit the needs of the group and facilitators. Changes to the itinerary will always be made known in advance.


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