Temple of The Four Winds

Temple of the Four Winds

Ceremony Preparation

Ceremony Preparation and Diet Recommendations

Following a Dieta is the first recommendation to prepare for a magical day with the spirit of Ayahuasca. The purpose of following a dieta is to begin to cleanse the body physically, to allow for reduction or removal of any physical blockages in our temple (body). The majority of our Western diets today consist of a variety of processed foods, unnecessary fats, high amounts of processed sugars, artificial colors and sweeteners, pesticide covered fruits and vegetables and toxin pumped meats and fish. These things are all common causes of, or make us predisposed to, illnesses and diseases for which we have little control over once present. Aside from the foods we consume, certain medications and pharmaceutical drugs may induce side effects much worse than the conditions we are trying to “cure.” This is why it is imperative that we cleanse prior to ceremony; to allow for Madre Ayahuasca to physically flow through us without any major physical obstacles.

It is recommended that Dieta be followed for two weeks prior to ceremony, and continued two weeks after, depending on health and eating habits. Recommendations are as follows.

Remove or SUBSTANTIALLY limit to the best of your health and ability:

  • Meat of any kind
  • Dairy in any form
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Excessive Salt
  • Excessive (processed) sugar
  • Processed foods
  • Recreational use of drugs or
  • plant-based medicine (including marijuana); and
  • Energy exchange in the form of Sexual acts of any kind

Recommendations of activities that may complement the Dieta are:

  • Being mindful to what you listen to
  • Avoiding content with strong violence or mindless scrolling on social media
  • Connecting to nature
  • Meditation
  • Breath work
  • Yoga and/or light exercise

**We also recommend for a swifter and reduced need of physical purging, a 24hr water/natural fruit juice fast prior to Ceremony Day.**

Bottom Line: Although Dieta is highly encouraged, we understand that our Western lifestyle may not always flow in alignment with what we plan. We also understand that medications and routines can make it difficult to follow Dieta to a T. We ask that you be mindful and hold the best intentions behind any practice and meal you partake in. It is ideal to abstain from any over-the-counter medications during this time, and if possible, reduce the use of prescription medications if possible. If you have any concerns regarding your personal health while following Dieta we recommend you speak with your healthcare provider for professional guidance. Above all, Please be kind to yourself, we are perfect beings, living an imperfect human experience. Self love and awareness is key, and intention is everything!


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