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Temple of the Four Winds

Right to Privacy Policy

Temple of the Four Winds’
Right to Privacy Policy

I. What information we collect and why:

Temple of the Four Winds collects basic information like first and last name, phone number, address and email so that we know who we are contacting and sharing space with, and where to contact you about future events and integration circles.

Temple of the Four Winds collects a brief, basic medical and psychological history in order to bring awareness to any potential side effects that may occur through
the use of sacred plant based sacraments/entheogens, as well as any other accommodations necessary. The gathering of personal information occurs during registration and is accepted and verified by a trusted Temple of the Four Winds Officer. This information is stored in limited access filing solely for record keeping purposes and is never shared with any third party organization. I understand why and how my personal data is collected, stored and used.
________ (initial)

II. Right to privacy during activities, events and ceremonies:

Temple of the Four Winds uses social media platforms publicly, to bring awareness to its purpose and practices, as well as connect with other organizations with similar purposes and practices. As such, any photos, videos, slideshows or audio recordings are subject to being shared on these social media platforms, or printed and displayed physically at events.

Temple of the Four Winds gives each of its staff members, members and participants the right to choose whether or not to participate in any photos, videos, slide shows, audio recordings or social media accounts, taken or recorded during events, activities and/or integration circles held by Temple of the Four Winds. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY of each individual member, participant or staff member to notify Temple of the Four Winds, prior to any event, activity, and/or integration circle if they DO NOT WISH to take part in a photo, video, slide show or audio recording.


a Temple of the Four Winds Sacred Ceremony.**
I understand it is my responsibility as a Member, Staff Member, or Participant to disclose whether or not I wish to take part in any Photo, Video or Audio Taken or Recorded at a Temple of the Four Winds event, activity or ceremony.
III. Right to Privacy and use of Cell Phone:

To ensure the privacy of each staff member, volunteer and participant during a Temple of the Four Winds Sacred Ceremony, each participant, volunteer and staff member is required to Power Off and Turn In their personal cell phone and any other electronic device prior to the commencement of the initial Opening Circle. Cell Phones and any other electronic devices will remain off and in the custody of a trusted Temple of the Four Winds staff member. Personal devices will be returned following the end of our closing/gratitude circle the day after  ceremony. This policy is enforced not only to ensure participant, volunteer and staff privacy, but also to allow for each person involved to disconnect from the day-to-day stress-inducing activities that take up our time routinely, and remove any potential distractions. I understand and agree, that upon participating in a Temple of the Four Winds Sacred Ceremony, I will be temporarily forfeiting my Personal Cell phone/any electronic device that can be used to infringe upon the privacy of others.
______ (initial)
I have read, understand and agree to the Terms listed in Temple of the Four WInds’ Privacy Policy. Furthermore, I understand and agree to hold harmless Temple of the Four Winds, Its staff, volunteers and other participants in the event that (I) My personal information is shared by some way of programs or organizational tools utilized by Temple of the Four Winds; (II) I do not specify my request to be withdrawn from any photos, videos, slideshows, audio recordings, or social media posts prior to the event, activity or integration circle I participant in by my own free will; and (III) any physical damage is caused as a result of the forfeiture of my personal devices.



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