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What is rapé?

Rapé, or sometimes called Hapé, is a traditional and powerful cleansing medicine that is used by shamans in indigenous tribes throughout Brazil and Peru. This sacred plant-derived snuff is made from the alkaline ashes of plants like cinnamon, tonka bean, clover, banana peel, or mint as well as the Amazonian tobacco species, Nicotiana rustica. This tobacco is used extensively in tribal rituals and is nine times more potent than the amount of tobacco found in average cigarettes.

Rapé is traditionally used with the help of a shaman or separate administerer, however it can be self-administered as well. The ingredients are blended and ground into a fine powder that is blown into the nostrils one at a time through a ceremonial pipe made of bone or bamboo called a Tepi. When self administered, a Kuripe is used, as it has closer pipes to ensure the Rapé is fully inserted into the nostril. The use of rapé is most commonly seen in a form of prayer, meditation, and/or cleanse by the indigenous people who use it ceremoniously. It is always important to partake in Rapé mindfully, and in a respectful and ceremonious way.  

This sacred sacrament is not to be snorted as it will not follow the same path in the brain, and will not assist in decalcifying the pineal gland.  Having the right applicators, disposition, time, and place are essential for this practice.

How is rapé administered?

Rapé can be administered in two ways: through use of a Kuripe on yourself, or through use of a Tepi by another person.

When Rapé is administered by another person, they use an instrument called a Tepi. With the Tepi, the person giving Rapé will insert one end into the mouth to blow, while the other end is inserted into the recipient’s nostril to receive.

Rapé is usually applied with a pea sized amount shared between both nostrils. The proper setting should be a quiet and sacred space where you will remain undisturbed. You should sit upright with either crossed legs or on a chair with your eyes closed, breathing slow and controlled.

When receiving or self administering Rapé, the first thing recommended is to set an intention and speak/think your gratitude to and for this sacrament. After pouring the fine powder in the palm of your hand, scoop 3-4 times softly until half the amount is in your instrument and place it at the crown of the head to pray your intention. Next, bring it down to your heart to express your gratitude and begin to connect to the spirit of the plants. You may feel a sharp pain in the sinuses upon blowing into your nose. This is normal and brief. Breathing through the mouth is highly encouraged to avoid blowing out what you have received. Inhale deeply, taking in love and exhale fully to release any pain, stress or negative emotions you may be feeling, making room for peace throughout your mind and body. Once connected, allow yourself to fall into a meditative state, and remain present. Feel the healing effects of the spirit of the plants and just Be.  

What are the healing benefits of Rapé?

These are some general healing benefits to expect, although each blend of rapé offers its own unique set of benefits:

  • Activates/unblocks one or more Chakras 
  • Allows for deep sense of Grounding
  • Decalcifies the pineal gland
  • Enhances connection to Spirit
  • Releases negative thoughts and emotions
  • Rids the mind of confusion/fogginess
  • Relieves stress upon physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels

What will I experience?

This sacred sacrament allows for release of blocked energy, toxins, and stress-induced tension within your physical body. It is recommended having a bucket, tissue paper, and drinking water ready prior to starting practice. Other common effects experienced include but are not limited to:

  • Sweating
  • Vomiting
  • Bowel stimulation
  • Increased saliva

Who is rapé intended for?

Temple of the Four Winds highly encourages that this sacred sacrament be used in a ceremonial setting, under the guidance or supervision of an experienced spiritual guide. Because Rapé contains Tobacco and Nicotine, no persons under the age of 21 should partake in its consumption in any way.





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